Class Levels

100 Level

Beginner classes:  Entry-level classes will establish a good foundation in flexibility, balance, strength and stability, and functional carryover to everyday living. They will prepare your body to move freely and effortlessly in the correct manner.

200 Level

Intermediate classes:  Designed for individuals with a moderately active lifestyle, who want to challenge their body more with instructional guidance. These classes will improve your endurance, strength, flexibility, functional stability, and agility; and help minimize risk of injury.

300 Level

Advanced classes:  Designed for active individuals who want to push the body to its optimal ability, or gain a competitive edge. These classes will challenge your ultimate potential in all areas of endurance, strength, stability, power, speed, agility, and sport-specific movements. 

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Current Classes Being Offered

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101 Balance and Fall Prevention

Stay on your feet, not on your seat! Do you feel off balance often? The Academy for Sports and Wellness Fall Prevention Program will teach you how to enhance and strengthen all of the “body systems” used to maintain your balance.  

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305 Iron Maidens

This high intensity workout uses the most advanced strength training techniques, and is designed just for women.

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104 Back On Track

If you are looking to start a workout routine, but are not sure how, this class is for you! Back on Track introduces you to all aspects of exercise that make up a balanced fitness regimen. Register now!

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Volleyball Conditioning

Prepare for the demands of strength and quick bursts of energy needed to dominate on the court with our preseason volleyball training. 

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301 Lunch Crunch

A balanced, time-effective circuit style group training class. Lunch Crunch will challenge you physically while empowering you through dedicated motivation and emphasis on proper form and resistance. 

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