Billing Specialist / Admin. Support

Katie 05 Name: Katie Hawkins

My official Title: Billing/Admin Support

I have been with CPR since March 2016

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

A good day at work includes: Accomplishing verifications for at least the next 2 days of new patients and finding all necessary charts

The best part of my job: Even though some people detest it, I love paperwork and organizing and keeping track of what needs to be done.  I enjoy my tasks of insurance verifications and everything that goes along with it and I love the staff and that we can laugh at and with each other!

Why I chose to work at CPR: It was almost as if the job chose me.  It was by far the best fit for me and my family schedule; the staff was welcoming and so extremely helpful from the interview and ever since then!  You can tell CPR is like another family who is there for you and want to see you succeed both personally and professionally.

A good weekend includes: I’m a big fan of family time, not just my children, but extended family as well; weekends usually include a family meal at someone’s house, (cleaning my house if gathering is happening there!) and some type of adventure with my kids

My very first job: Developing 35mm film photos at Walgreens (long before digital cameras and cell phones!

Four Quick Facts About Me

I have 3  children, boy/girl twins and  another daughter, and also help at my church with the Children’s MinistryKatie 6

When I have time I enjoy baking, watching Netflix and comedies, and would love to go to more plays and musicals

I enjoy a variety of music - love Billy Joel, any current pop, just started listening to country and I will always love big hair bands and 90’s!

Bucket List Item – to see Billy Joel in concert