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LiftinpoolatcascadeOur Cascade location has installed a SwimEx TM pool, the latest in aquatic exercise therapy.

The SwimEx therapy pool offers patients vital and dynamic means of rehabilitation from injuries and surgeries. For people who experience pain while standing or walking, the buoyancy relieves the pressure and allows therapy sessions to progress with less discomfort.

The SwimEx 700 features a paddle wheel propulsion system, which creates a smooth water resistance flow against which a patient can exercise, walk, run or swim. It has been shown that warm water physical therapy can speed recovery, and the water buoyancy unloads bearing weight and improves circulation. The SwimEx is a bromine pool, which allows staff to keep it at a higher temperature, especially helpful for elderly patients.

The SwimEx 700 has adjustable depths and also features a deep-water running well. Built-in work-stations accommodate exercise benches, step-up stations, angled plyometric pads and a treadmill simulator.

The SwimEx pool is designed for both therapeutic and conditioning aspects and will be a valuable treatment option in the early stages of rehabilitation.

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