Bridging the Gap

Working as a personal trainer in The Center’s Academy for Sports and Wellness is an exciting opportunity. One of the reasons I love working in the Academy is our close connection with the clinicians. Often times a patient has met their goals in Physical Therapy (PT), but further strength gains and accountability would be beneficial. Personal training can be the perfect bridge from PT to living stronger and fitter.

Below are testimonies of a few patients I have had the privilege of assisting on their journey.

Jeanne and the Importance of Strong Glutes

“Squeeze those glutes!” Jeanne was in PT for hip pain. Victoria sent her to me for overall strength training, but specifically to strengthen her glutes. A powerful butt is foundational to all of our lower body movements. Her poor gait (walking) pattern was the result, in part, of weak glutes. She worked hard right from the start. Within 5 months she was running stairs like a champ and could deadlift and squat with confidence. She had a setback this winter when she slipped on the ice and strained her hamstring. I was able to coordinate with Victoria and modify our training routine to maximize healing for her hamstring.

From Stroke to Running

Maria, a client in her late thirties, has a history of multiple strokes and an auto-immune disorder. She graduated from inpatient rehab after her second stroke but experienced lingering ataxia (loss of control of full-body movements). In outpatient PT with Chad at our Walker clinic, Maria made significant progress in getting stronger and moving with control. She eventually came to me for personal training and quickly made it her goal to join Iron Maidens, a total body strength training class that I teach in the Academy. It was an ambitious goal, but within 3 months she was ready to jump in.

A few months later, she felt she was ready for the addition of high intensity training and resumed personal training with me. After 10 sessions, we decided that her next goal of learning how to run again might best be met by working with a physical therapist who could delve into the neuromotor side of things. She went to see Victoria who excels in breaking down movement patterns. Together they dove into the nitty-gritty of retraining movement patterns and her running form has greatly improved! Maria is a perfect example of the benefits of the Academy-Clinic connection.

Paul and his Total Knee Replacement

Paul had a total knee replacement and had been working with Nick twice a week in PT to improve his range of motion and strength. Paul has recently graduated to one PT appointment a week and one session a week of personal training in the Academy. Nick and I have been in close communication to coordinate Paul’s care. He recently reached an exciting milestone by pedaling an entire rotation on the stationary bike and has been walking with more steadiness and confidence.

Client doing row exercise

Neck Pain is not Holding Janice Back

Janice made excellent progress in tackling her neck pain while working with Brian and Allie in PT. She was ready for a strength training program that didn’t flare up her neck. We worked together to ease into a full-body program with an emphasis on supporting her posture so that she didn’t experience neck pain. I updated Brian and Allie often in the beginning and was able to incorporate some of her rehab exercises into our routine. She is currently training with me twice a week and has enjoyed the benefits of consistent hard work. She has gotten so strong!

These are just a few examples of bridging the gap between PT and exercise with our personal training here in the Academy. I regularly consult with our clinicians when I come across a challenge. What a benefit it is to have this open line of communication at our disposal!

Interested in learning more about personal training? Visit our Academy Page!

Personal stories used with permission.

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