My Experience at Forest Hills Eastern

When originally established, Forest Hills Eastern was created to be a school that did not include athletics. An outsider might be able to determine this by the layout of the building. Other than the middle school gymnasium, all indoor athletic facilities are located on one side of the building. However, since I started as their athletic trainer last year, I’m thankful that the school decided to add athletics. It’s given me a great opportunity to invest in the community at Forest Hills Eastern.

Since the renovations, athletics at Eastern have developed and students continue to participate. We have enough students to fill the roster for our typical winter sports like wrestling and basketball, while still being able to maintain our “country club sports” like the ski team. Some of our sports are made up of two Forest Hills Schools like the Forest Hills Northern-Eastern Hockey team, which creates an opportunity for bridges to be formed in the community.

The athletes that I see on a regular basis are typically kind and well-educated high school students. There is a decent amount of diversity here, which creates an environment where many perspectives can be offered in an athletic training room conversation. Whether the conversation is light-hearted or serious, the kids always seem to get along and respect each other’s opinions.

I’m still relatively new to this area, but I believe that I have already built some meaningful relationships with parents, coaches, and student-athletes. These relationships remind me on a regular basis that what I do is appreciated. I believe the work I’ve been doing is beneficial because the kids recognize me and trust me as their healthcare provider. My athletes are getting healthy when they commit and adhere to the programs that I set for them. More than anything, I am able to direct my patients to the experts in the area who specialize in the treatment or care required for their situation.

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