How Much Exercise Should I be Getting?

Watch the video for a quick overview of the exercise recommendations from the American Heart Association.

The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week. They also recommend doing moderate to high intensity strength training 2 days per week.

What does this look like? Walk 30 minutes 5x per week and you’ll get your 150 minutes of aerobic activity in per week.

Like to run? Cut your aerobic time in half by doing vigorous aerobic activity (15 minutes of running 5 days per week instead of 30 minutes of walking 5 days per week).

Then add in 2 days per week of a total body strength routine. Weight lifting gets the blood pumping but also builds muscle tone to fight weight gain and reduce the risk of injuries. It also builds bone density.

Your schedule could look like this: Monday – 30 minute walk, Tuesday – 30 minute walk and 15 minute total body strength training, Wednesday – off, Thursday – 30 minute walk and 15 minute total body strength training, Friday – 15 minute jog, Saturday – 30 minute walk. Sunday – off. Find a schedule that works for you!

Need help building a total body strength plan? Our trainers in the Academy would love to help you! Visit our Academy page here!

For more information on these guidelines from the American Heart Association, visit their website.

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