How to Use Heart Rate Training

Heart rate training is not just for elite athletes, it can guide you to know how hard your heart is working while you exercise. Watch the video to learn how to use heart rate training.

How to find your max heart rate: 220 minus your age, this is the highest heart rate you should hit while exercising (this is a general rule and physical fitness can change this).

How to find your “sweet spot:” 50-70% of your max heart rate for moderate aerobic exercise, 70-85% of your max heart rate for vigorous aerobic activity.

What this looks like for a 50 year old: 170 max heart rate, aim for 85 beats per minute (BPM) to 119 BPM during a brisk walk, aim for 119 BPM to 145 BPM for a jog.

If you have a heart condition, even if it is controlled by medication, please contact your doctor for more specific exercise guidelines for you. Safety first!

Remember, if you don’t yet have a habit of exercising built in your life then start small. Small efforts over time will benefit you more than one large effort. Start with 10 minutes of walking every day this week instead of walking 60 minutes today.

Miss our last video on the American Heart Association’s exercise guidelines? See it here.

For more information on target heart rates from the American Heart Association, visit their website here.

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