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With the growing popularity of pickleball lately, let’s not forget about tennis! Both are amazing sports, but today I am going to provide some insight into our tennis assessment program.

As an avid tennis player throughout the years, I have experienced many injuries firsthand or have observed injuries of fellow teammates. Some of the most common tennis injuries that we see in the clinic are shoulder pain, “tennis elbow”, ankle sprains, and back pain.  We can’t prevent all injuries, but understanding where your deficits are, can help tremendously in your training and ultimately decrease your injury risk on and off the court.

What does a Biomechanical Tennis Assessment consist of you ask?

Y-balance test

I use a combination of assessment tools, which includes portions of the United States Tennis Association’s High-Performance Profile (HPP) and the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), to accompany any personalized measures that I see fit. I will look at strength, flexibility, balance, and body mechanics during specific functional movements as it relates to tennis. We will also spend time discussing technique and equipment use as necessary.

Who could benefit from a Tennis Assessment?

You don’t have to be a high-level tennis player to benefit from a biomechanical assessment. I have worked with USTA junior players, high school athletes, beginner recreational players, travel league members, and adults of all levels. The assessment results will ultimately provide you with information regarding muscle imbalances, strength/balance/flexibility deficits, as well as small technique tweaks if appropriate. Going through a biomechanical tennis assessment will help address any “problem areas” that you may experience on or off the court.

Learn more here about The Center’s tennis assessment!

Who will be performing my tennis assessment?

My name is Emily and I have been a PT at The Center for 7 years. As a Certified Tennis Performance Specialist and a former D1 tennis player, my passion for tennis runs deep. I absolutely love performing tennis assessments, which can result in helping fellow racquet sport enthusiasts! To set up an assessment or for more information, please contact The Center!

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