The Center’s Year in Review

2022 was a year of growth for The Center, and we are grateful to reflect on all the positive changes we have accomplish this year. Looking back over the past year, we are humbled by our communities who continue to trust us with their care. In 2022:

We contributed to our communities in the form of donations and sponsorships by giving over $57,000 back to West Michigan! These include donations to local churches, partner schools, and non-profit organizations. This has allowed us to partner with programs in our communities to provide support to their causes, most notably the YWCA, Michigan Victory Games, Catherine’s Health Center, Gilda’s Club and The Other Way Ministries.

Michigan Victory Games
Michigan Victory Games
Gilda's Club
Gilda’s Club
Catherine's Health
Catherine Health Center

Added 17 new team members to our staff, including 10 administrative team members, five physical therapists, one athletic trainer and one personal trainer.

Nationally ranked (through a 3rd party vendor) in the top 10% for multiple rehabilitation protocols and reported 99% patient satisfaction.

Added The Center’s Professional Residency Program, which will create opportunities for Physical Therapists by learning from experienced clinicians, didactic curriculum and passing the Orthopedic Clinical Specialist examination.  We will prepare them to become responsible, ethical, productive, creative and compassionate members of their community.

Added a Chronic Pain program, helping individuals dealing with persistent pain to find a way to navigate forward, and take control of their life.

Staff members presented 10 times to diverse communities on the career path options within The Center, including physical therapy and athletic training.

Our community partnerships continue to flourish, we are thankful to collaborate with six area high schools and one university to provide athletic training services, as well as medical coverage for the Graceac program. The Center’s Industrial Medicine Team has partnered with 13 Michigan based businesses to help put their employees’ health first.

Our wellness programs have continued to thrive, offering classes to Silver Sneaker eligible clients, and in 2022 we continued to see a huge demand for personal training. We are so thankful our communities are investing in their health!

The Center has received over 400 5-Star google reviews and Facebook recommendations! The highest compliment we can be paid, is the recommendation of our services to your loved ones.

Out of all of this, we are most proud and grateful that in 2022 our patients continued to trust us with their care. We truly felt the love and support of our community who continue to seek our team out as their health care resource.

We wish you all health, happiness & the opportunities to live beyond limits in 2023.

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