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Move2perform testing

After 10+ years of being an athletic trainer on the sidelines, in the high school setting, I decided to go in a different direction with my profession. After obtaining my National Certification in Strength and Conditioning, I drew more and more interest in advanced therapeutic programming and sports biomechanics. At The Center, our Return to Play Program is staffed by Certified Athletic Trainers, like myself, that take much pride in our many years of combined experience in our profession both on and off the field.

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The program helps athletes transition from formal physical therapy after an injury to confidently return to safe and full participation in sports. This is done in a gradual manner to avoid a dangerous rise in loading that may potentially lead to re-injury or a further injury. We individualize the process to meet the athlete’s specific tissue healing phase and movements using evidence based and objective testing procedures to track progress along the way. By recreating game-like exercises, in a controlled environment, athletes are able to practice the demands of their sport, with the supervision of our experienced clinicians.

In order for an athlete to participate in the Return to Play Program, they must be cleared by their physician to begin straight line running activities. If a referral from a physician is obtained, participation in this program can be billed through your insurance company. The cost will then vary depending the individual health insurance plans.

What to Expect

  • Direct care provided by a physical therapist and certified athletic trainers trained in all return to sport exercise progression
  • Assessment of dysfunctions present in the athlete, and appropriate progression to higher level activities that mimic their sport
  • Use of scientific data from renowned programs will be used to specifically reduce the likelihood of ACL and other knee injuries
  • Athlete will receive pre and post participation functional outcomes and data via Move2Perform testing
Move2perform testing

To help aide athletes to return confidently to sport, the Center utilizes Move2Perform, which is an injury prediction software utilizing an athlete’s score on function movement tests and compares it to national statistics. These scores allow The Center to assist in crucial return to play decisions, or pinpoint deficits where further work is needed.

Here are a few patient testimonials that we have had the privilege to assist through through this process.

“Working in the Return to Sport Program has been extremely beneficial for my physical and mental health. Working with Carolyn allowed me to return to football far faster than anticipated, and my transition to working with JaNae was very smooth. JaNae continues to support my goals for my upcoming rugby season as we continue to improve on the already impressive progress.”

-Dominic, Football & Rugby Athlete

“I have been to the Center for Physical Rehab multiple times due to sports injuries, and every time I go I always leave feeling incredibly blessed to have access to such a great facility, and the faculty in it. Going back to sports after an injury is always scary, but they made the transition extremely fluid, and I got back to sports better than I was before the injury. Once I graduated from the PT, I was transferred to work with Wendi for more sports specific training. To this day, I still go see Wendi for training, and I’m not even injured! She, and the other staff downstairs, are not only incredibly welcoming but also give you a really good workout. They are the finishing touches on making sure that return to play goes well, and they are incredible at their job. Very attentive, and I would even end up spending extra time before and after the training just chatting with them because they are all so personable.”

-Zoe, Basketball & Soccer Athlete

If you have any questions please reach out to us and consider joining us in The Academy for your FULL Return to Play! Let us help you live beyond limits.

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