Our Return to Play Program helps athletes transition from physical therapy after an injury to confident return to safe full participation in sports.  In order for an athlete to participate in the Return to Play Program they must be cleared by their physician to begin straight line running activities.

The Return to Play Program includes:

  • Direct care provided by a physical therapist or certified athletic trainer trained in all return to sport exercise progression
  • Assessment of dysfunctions present in the athlete, and appropriate progression to higher level activities that mimic their sport
  • Use of scientific data from Sportsmetrics™ and the PEP program** will be used to specifically reduce the likelihood of ACL and other knee injuries
  • Athlete will receive pre and post particpation functional outcomes and data

Cost: $45.00/session

*If a referral from a physician is obtained participation in this program can be billed through your insurance company.  The cost will then vary depending the individual health insurance plans.

**Research based on Sportsmetrics™, Cincinnati Sports medicine & Orthopedic Center; PEP™ (Injury Prevention Enhance Performance), Santa Monica Sports medicine Research Foundation.