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The Center for Physical Rehabilitation offers strength and conditioning services for several area high schools through the FAST - Functional Athletic Strength Training - Program. FAST promotes multisport participation for all of our student athletes, while also providing crucial injury prevention training. All FAST staff members hold a bachelor’s degree and are nationally credentialed (NASM, NATA, NSCA) in sought after specialty areas. This ensures that our team is providing research based, proven training methods to all athletes and clients.

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Athletes should focus on sport-specific strength training to supplement their play on the field. Programming will look similar to the off-season program, but sport-specific exercises should be utilized in each muscle category. Use the weight room to “undo” or “balance” the body from the movements popular to their sport and focus on providing mobility and stability to the proper joints. Training should be conducted at least 2 days per week and programmed to reach optimal performance at desired times.


Off-season training should focus on muscle endurance, growth, strength, and power. This is accomplished through a scientific manipulation of repetitions, sets, load, and recovery. Instead of tailoring workouts to any one specific sport, the goal during offseason is to develop a well-rounded athletic body. Focusing of correct lifting techniques to execute the movement is crucial. Training should be conducted 3 to 4 days per week.

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