Author: Jessica VandenBerg

Covid 19 updates


Is it safe for The Center to remain open? The U.S. Department of Homeland Security released a memorandum on the identification of essential critical infrastructure…
Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling Routine

Foam rolling is a great activity to do anywhere, anytime. Not only is it an awesome self-mobilization and stretch for our joints and muscles, but…
child with shaving cream on hands

DIY Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is in hot demand, and hard to find in stores. Although hand washing is the best line of defense, here is an easy…
Patient doing back exercise on table

3 Exercises for Back Pain

Dealing with back pain at home? Try these 3 exercises! Work through a gentle, pain free range of motion with these movements. If any of…
Athlete pushing weighted sled

Power Workout at Home

We know there are a lot of athletes at home who are worried about losing their strength. You can continue to improve your strength and…
Female doing a lunge

At Home Glute Burn!

Looking to feel that burn working out a home? Grab a mini band, or do the movements without one, and you’re sure to be sweating…

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