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Family Fitness Blog Now Up!

Our new blog is all about Family Fitness and how to protect your children from Childhood Obesity. Certified personal trainer Colleen Cleves discuss multiple ways you can keep your family moving and healthy through all the stages of childhood! 

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Foam Rolling: A Self Myofascial Release Technique

Foam rolling is a practice that has many beneficial qualities for all people, but athletes can gain the extra edge by incorporating this into their daily routines. Learn more about the benefits of foam rolling, and instructions on how to do it from this month's athletic training tip! 

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Youth Strength Training-New Blog!

Read the latest blog post by our Director of Strength and Conditioning Joe Chiaramonte, who explains the importance of youth strength training. If you have a young athlete in your house, a strength and conditioning program could help them reduce the incidence of injury and teach safe, effective movement patterns for all of their activities! The Academy offers a Youth Strength and Conditioning Program starting January 5th! 

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