Nutrition is an integral part of our overall health, and The Center wants to make sure you have the information available to help make those healthy choices. Our nutrition pages are dedicated to providing you the knowledge to take ownership of your health in relation to diet. 


What to eat, and when? 

Our What To Eat page provide a breakdown of when food should be consumed in reference to a game, practice, or recreational activity. Its important for our bodies to consume the fuel needed to preform, and also to replenish what is lost during those demanding activities. There is also key information on what to avoid before, during, and after competition. 

Common Misconceptions about nutrition

There is a lot of information out there about nutrition, and sometimes its hard to know what to believe. Learn about some common misconceptions that can actually hinder your diet. 

The truth behind supplements

Supplement use is on the rise, and with more people exploring the benefits of supplements, its important to educate yourself on the side effects as well. 



Nutrition Tips 

Find ongoing information related to diet and health, updated frequently by our trained professionals. These tips range from healthy recipes to calculating your BMI and evaluating your eating habit. Check in regularly to see the newest information shared.