Nutrition 550x450 4 SupplementsIs Creatine safe?
Creatine is a dietary supplement frequently used by athletes who believe it will help "bulk up" their muscles and improve performance. However, creatine is also a natural component of skeletal muscle. Not much is known about the side effects, but what we do know about the bad effects of creatine are the following:

  • It is NOT regulated by the FDA
  • Creatine has a plateau effect, which means that after a certain dose it is excreted in the kidneys and wasted
  • If you eat a balanced diet with meat and fish, your body has enough creatine 

Nutrition 550x450 6 ChocoMilkChocolate Milk: Good for after work out recovery?
Absolutely, and actually, it's one of the best recovery drinks. Low fat chocolate milk has just the right mix of carbohydrates and protein to refuel muscles after a workout. Chocolate milk has been shown to:

  • Build muscle
  • Peak exercise performance
  • Replenish muscle fuel
  • Rehydrate
  • Maintain lean muscle 

Nutrition VitDVitamin D
Vitamin D deficiency has become more prevalent in our country, and this deficiency may be affecting athletic ability. The actions of Vitamin D perform more like a hormone rather than a vitamin in the body, and its regulatory effect on neurons, muscle, bone, heart, lungs, immune function and reducing inflammation make it a key player in athletic performance.