Proven Results

"If you don't measure, how can you improve?"


Tracking Results

The Center uses a nationally recognized, Medicare approved program called FOTO, Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes to measure outcomes (results), monitor treatment plans and control costs to patients, employers and insurance providers.

FOTO establishes patient functional baselines, assists with treatment plans and measures patient satisfaction. It tracks many stats including: average number of visits per episode, per diagnosis, functional recovery expectation and cost.

The Center voluntarily (not mandatory in Michigan) uses FOTO and publishes the statistics, providing 100% transparency to all claim parties.

Bottom Line

Because FOTO measures patient outcomes (results) we can say with confidence that "you get better, faster," at The Center.

Landmark Healthcare Statistics

Landmark Health Care Inc. is a third party health care claims management firm.  Insurance companies use these firms to track how efficient physical therapy providers are, by tracking how many visits a patients is seen for their diagnosis.

The Proof

Below are graphs that show how The Center performs against its peers based upon outcomes, visits and patient satisfaction.  You can see that on average The Center out performs its peer on all three measures.  This data is compiled by FOTO and Landmark Healthcare.

FOTO FuncStatuschange 1 FOTO Pat Satisfaction 1 FOTO PTCPRVisits 1 Landmark PTCPRvBCBN 1 Landmark PTCPRvBCNPeers 1 Landmark PTCPRvPriorityPeers 1

What does it Mean?

Because of our continued outstanding performance, we can perform our services with less paperwork and fewer phone calls to insurance providers to "ask permission" for treatment plan approval.  This also enables us to help save health care dollars for our patients, employers and insurance providers

Patient Satisfaction

Our FOTO patient satisfaction survey reveals that 98% of our patients would recommend us and felt very satisfied with their care. We take our quality assurance personally and have an established quality assurance committee to help guide us in our care.

Outcome Excellence Awards

Outcome excellence awards are presented quarterly to practices that meet high standards of excellent outcomes and care. We are proud to have our clinics recieve these awards routinely. Below are the awards for this past quarter. 

SW 4th 2016NE 4th 2016SE 4th 2016NW 4th 2016