Manage the side effects of cancer treatments 

The lymphedema and cancer wellness program at The Center for Physical Rehabilitation is a comprehensive approach that includes manual lymph drainage (MLD), complete decongestive therapy (CDT), therapeutic exercise, and skin care. 

The program is designed to effectively manage side effects of cancer treatment such as lymphedema and overall fatigue/deconditioning. Patients will also be educated on compression garments, home exercise program, node clearing and self-massage of involved area.

Lymphedema is a condition of abnormal fluid accumulation in superficial tissues as a result of damage to the lymphatic system. It often occurs after surgical procedures such as mastectomies, lumpectomies with radiation and/or removal of lymph nodes. Lymphedema techniques decreases swelling for other reasons such as excessive edema.

What to Expect

• Learn about Lymphedema and available treatments
• Receive instruction in life long prevention of Lymphedema
• Identify precautions to avoid occurrences of Lymphedema
• Receive specific decongestive exercise prescription for aiding lymph flow
• Instruction in manual lymph drainage and self-massage techniques
• Learn importance of compression garments

Our Mission

Cancer wellness involves optimizing the functional capacity of each individual to expedite return to daily and recreational activities. This is achieved through minimizing the potential side effects of receiving cancer treatment and addressing the personal goals of each client.