For racket athletes of all ages and ability level

Don't let an injury or pain keep you from the activities you enjoy! If you are a tennis or pickeball player who is suffering from an injury, or if you are just looking to correct your form to improve your game and prevent injuries, our Injury Assessment & Biomechanical Screen is for you. Let us take the time to evaluate your swing, and give you reccomendations based off of our findings. 

Who would benefit from a biomechanical/injury assessment?

• Competitive players looking for that extra edge over their opponent

• Recreational players wanting to stay healthy and prevent injury

• Any player who is experiencing pain on or off the court


Common Causes of tennis & pickleball injuries:

• Overuse

• Muscle imbalances

• Weak core muscles

• Poor swing mechanics


A Full Body Functional Biomechanical Assessment (USTA HPP & FMS-based) will address the following:

• Muscular imbalances

• Areas of Weakness

• Flexibility/Mobility

• Overall Injury Risk

• Safe return to sport after an injury


Why work with a licensed physical therapist at CPR?

• Individualized tennis specific assessment performed by former Division 1 Tennis Player and Doctor of Physical Therapy

• Utilization of the USTA Player Development HighPerformance Profile: Series of tests compiled by the USTA to identify potential injury risk factors in players of all ages and levels

• Move2Perform Analysis: Evidence based injury prediction algorithm used to identify injury risk/safe return to play