Expert Care Focused on Treatment and Prevention

At The Center for Physical Rehabilitation we provide an all-encompassing injury rehabilitation and prevention pathway. Injured worker's need timely, expert care. Employers and case managers need efficient communication. Our licensed therapists and workman's compensation team assess, treat and prevent work related injuries.

We are getting employees back to work faster, by setting new standards for work injury treatment and prevention. Our multi-disciplinary approach along with prevention strategies and education, assist employees to promptly return to work in a safe manner ensuring positive long-term outcomes.


Certified Facility

The Center for Physical Rehabiliation's Worker's Compenstation Program is a Certified Fit2wrk Factility. Fit2wrk provides you with national consistency and standardization of services directed at mitigating risk and exposure, specifically towards lost time, expedited return to work and prevention. Our local expertise and ability to customize programs to your specific needs ensures a maximum return on investment. From start-up to program implementation we have the tools to make the process seamless and most importantly, medically and legally compliant. Click here for a printable version of the Fit2WRK brochure. 

Proven Outcomes

At The Center we are committed to assessment, treatment and prevention of current and future work related injuries. We have proven and cost-effective treatment methods helping to reduce employer/providers out of pocket costs and lost work days. In addition, we will streamline communications between physicians, corporate human resources, case managers and employees.


Differentiating Factors

The Center provides all-inclusive physical therapy services at four convenient locations. Our extended hours (7am-7pm) allow injured workers easy access to appointment times and there are no waiting lists. Our commitment to continuity of care means patients see the same physical therapist each visit, ensuring streamlined communication with physicians, employer and rehab team.