Expert Care Focused on Treatment and Prevention

The Center for Physical Rehabilitation ensures that all aspects from "hiring to retiring" are accounted for by using the fit2wrk continuum of care.  The Workers' compensation team is prepared to customize services for employers to meet their individual needs and help manage and reduce risk through an integrated approach. 


Circle of Care



Performed on-site at the employer - may take 1 to 3 hours reviewing the essential and critical demands of the job and writing up a summary report with pictures and descriptions of functions and high risk tasks. Detailed report provided.


A 2 to 4 hour evaluation based upon the Fit2WRK protocol Model - software system will provide a detailed report based upon factual objective evidence. Availability for Disability Examinations for both “Own Occ” and “Any Occ” applications. The job generic report is used as a vocational tool to allow placement of the individual in the generic fi eld of work.


A brief test - approx. 15 to 30 minutes that looks at the essential and critical demands of the job: each screening is individualized to meet the needs of the employer. This screening provides an opportunity to determine if the new employee is physically able to perform the job they have been hired to perform. Establishes a employee baseline and weeds out pre-existing conditions.


Ergonomic Workstation Assessments: Both seated and standing workstations can be assessed for either the general employee population or a specifi c employee returning to a job post injury. All standardized formulas and descriptors are used with digital imagery to report any risks and of course recommendations.

Ergonomic Hazards Analysis: A walk through review of the employer operation with detailed report on any areas deemed high risk and a review of associated functions and / or environments with proposed solutions.


Performed over the course of three or more weeks dependent upon the needs of employer to ensure a safe and sustained return to work activities. Performed three times per week for three hours per day with focus on strengthening and conditioning, cardiovascular endurance activities and work simulation with the use of our custom work labs. Activities start first thing in the morning and on alternating days to begin with and then consecutive days to end to build up performance. Custom programs per employer and/or case manager are available.


Job Specific Rehabilitation: Physical Therapy with the focus of using essential and critical demands of the job as a template for job specific rehab throughout the course of treatment. 

Fit for Work Assessment: This is a physical assessment of an employee who has been injured to determine their physical capabilities to return to modifi ed or full work duties. A job specifi c approach that includes strength, endurance activities, dexterity/handling, and simulated work activities. All tests are based upon peer-reviewed and published case studies to ensure validity and reliability of outcomes.


A brief test - approx. 15 to 30 minute examination that looks at the essential and critical demands of the job. Similar in nature to a post offer screen but used for transfer of employees from a lesser physically demanding job to that of a higher physical demand. Assists Employer in mitigating risk.


Availability of a therapist/clinician on site at the employer for a few hours per week to assist in educational activities, enforce fi tness programs and to deal with any soft tissue injury complaints prior to them becoming recordable events.


A full battery of educational programs are available for both the professional staff of an employer to that of the general employee population such as slip and fall or back injury prevention.


Education: A full battery of educational programs are available for both the professional staff of an employer to that of the general employee population such as slip and fall or back injury prevention.

Preventative Maintenance Testing: A brief test - approx. 15 minutes that looks at the essential and critical factors of the job - usually body part specifi c and set up as a repeated test - every three to four months on a high risk job position - looking for trends or patterns of degradation of range of motion or strength of employees.

Fitness Programs for the Industrial Athlete: Detailed stretching programs are customized per high risk job based upon historical injury determinations. The program is set up for employee participation prior to work, returning from lunch and at the end of the workday.

Physical Ability Maintenance: A custom built strengthening program designed to maintain the physical abilities necessary to perform everyday work duties.