Industrial Medicine

Industrial Medicine to Reduce & Treat Workplace Injury

At The Center for Physical Rehabilitation we provide an all-encompassing injury rehabilitation and prevention pathway. Injured worker’s need timely, expert care. Employers and case managers need efficient communication. Our licensed therapists and industrial medicine team assess, treat and prevent work related injuries. 

We are getting employees back to work faster.  Our multidisciplinary approach along with prevention strategies and education, assist employees to promptly return to work in a safe manner ensuring positive long-term outcomes.

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Comprehensive Industrial Medicine Program

Our expertise and ability to customize programs to your specific needs ensures a maximum return on investment. From start-up to program implementation we have the tools to make the process seamless and most importantly, medically and legally compliant. Our Industrial Medicine program includes:

  • All inclusive physical and occupational work therapy
  • Education on correct body mechanics and safe return to work methods
  • Job coaching
  • Job hazard and job task analysis
  • Ability to create work conditioning programs
  • Work site ergonomics assessments
  • Functional capacity assessment (FCA)

“5 years ago I came to the Center for Physical Rehabilitation with a knee issue as a last resort before surgery and having to dial back my very active lifestyle.  The therapists treated my immediate pain, but then taught me how to treat the pain going forward and how to stretch and strengthen to avoid it all together.  Today I am as active as I have ever been. 

 I have subsequently referred my wife, son, mother, father, and several friends to get treatment on issues they were experiencing.  At our business we have also engaged with CPR to help folks from the factory floor to front office feel as good leaving work as they did when they arrived through improving ergonomics, stretching, and training.

 CPR continues to take great care of me and the people I care most about. “

Graham Irwin
President & CEO
Irwin Seating Company

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Industrial Medicine Programs

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