With all the talk in the news right now about all the amazing health care workers helping to fight this virus it may be surprising to you to know that not all are working.  Non essential services are no longer being provided meaning many have no work to perform.  Some are simply waiting to be called up to help when and if the need arises and some areas no longer have the volume of patients to support large staff.  

Some, like many, are home with children. Navigating a very different school experience that most never knew.  All are trying to stay healthy mentally, physically and spiritually, myself included.  Although physical therapy service is deemed essential as it should be, the sheer amount of patients have dropped due to the shelter in place initiative and cessation of all elective surgical procedures.

My position is one of support, compassion and motivator.  A champion for those who are hurting and missing out on the life they want to live due to pain.  Restoring motion, regaining strength, and providing information for those in need to be able to live life they want – to the best of their ability.  I take great pride in knowing I am part of that process…but right now I am not doing that.  At least not the way I am used to.  So with that in mind I thought I would send a letter to those patients I have met and have yet to meet:

Dear patients,

I miss you!  I am used to seeing you on a weekly basis.  I look forward to hearing about your struggles, your triumphs.  Your goals, your limitations.  Your kids and grandkids.  What you are doing this weekend and what color you painted your living room(that is, if you had paint on hand!).  Your sporting achievements, your obstacles you’ve overcome.  And I appreciate you asking about mine.

I want you to know that I pray for you.  For your health, your wellbeing and your progress.  If you are not coming to therapy anymore, consider it, there are many safe options at The Center for you right now and if you are coming, keep up the good work!  I look forward to hearing about your success when I see you again – hopefully sooner than later!


A therapist sheltering in place 🙂 

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