Jungle Safari Game: Pediatric Motor Skills

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We know while being at home, it can be hard to find ways to help your little ones burn off some energy. Patrick has put together a fun list of jungle movements that are great motor skills practice for children ages 3-10. 

There are many different ways to play this safari game, but below are some examples Patrick has put together. The only supplies you need are index cards, dice and an imagination!

One person: Shuffle the cards into two decks. Put one deck on each side of the room. The player starts at one side, draws a card, and does the motion for that animal to the other deck across the room. Then he/she draws the top card of the next deck, and does that motion back. The player goes back and forth until all cards are gone. Longer version: roll a die after drawing each card to determine the number of laps needed for that card. 

 Two or more players:Go Fish: Make two of each card. Distribute the cards as though playing, “Go Fish.” Follow the rules as you would for Go Fish, asking for the type of animal and trying to collect pairs.  At the end of the game, each player performs a lap of the animal motions the OTHER player has collected.  

Animal hide-and-seek: A non-player hides the cards. The player(s) start with one card, and do that animal motion while looking for other cards. When another card is found, they do that motion until they find the next. The game ends when all cards are found.

 We hope you guys enjoy these jungle movements! Keep an eye out for more movement based games coming soon!

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