Olympic Decathlon Game: Pediatric Motor Skills

child balancing on one foot kicking ball

Hello Movement Explorers!

If you are disappointed in not having the Olympics to watch this summer, consider putting on your own! Pediatric physical therapist Patrick Lawrence shows how to set up an Olympic Decathlon at home. It can be done for play, or, if you want to make it a friendly competition, you can follow the instructions below to time the event. Have fun being an Olympic athlete!

Here is how you can time the Decathlon to make it a friendly competition:

  • At the start of Event 1 (Long-distance Run), start a timer, and keep it going for the entirety of the event.
  • Do Event 1 for 60 seconds; this will be part of the overall time. When complete, go imeediately to Event 2: Shuttle Run.
  • Event 2: Shuttle Run. Run back-and-forth 2 times as quickly as possible.
  • Event 3: Soccer Dribble. Dribble back-and-forth 1.5 times as quickly as possible and end at the line for shooting the ball at Event 4.
  • Event 4: Soccer Shot. Use up to 5 attempts to shoot the ball between 2 cones. Move on to the next event when the player scores or when all 5 attempts are used. 
  • Event 5: Handball Dribble. Run back-and-forth dribbling the ball 1.5 times as quickly as possible, ending at the line for Event 6: Ball toss. 
  • Event 6: Ball Toss. Take up to 5 attempts to score 1 basket. Move on to the next event when the player makes a basket or when all 5 attempts are used. 
  • Event 7: Hurdles. Run one lap of hurdles as quickly as possible. Add 1 second to the overall finish time for each hurdle that is hit. 
  • Event 8: Long jump. Subtract 1 second if the player jumps the length of their body height. 
  • Event 9: High jump. Do 3 repetitions. If the player shows the effort to jump as high as he/she can, subtract 1 second from the overall finish time. 
  • Event 10: Somersault. Do a somersault and stick a finishing pose! Stop the timer when the player sticks the landing. Add 1 second to the overall time if the player doesn’t stick the landing.  

From here, feel free to modify the event to the players’ interests and skill levels. Have fun!

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