What to Do Without Your Season

To all of you athletes out there, I hope you got a chance to listen to Dr. O’Connor’s you tube video about losing your season (if you have not, click here). We are with you in grieving the loss of your races, seasons, training facilities, and competitive outlets! So what happens now? What do you do as an athlete without your team, without your race, without your resources? 

We want to encourage you to persevere, for your physical and mental health. There will be a next competition/season/race, and although it may look different than the season you lost, you will want your body to be healthy and ready. Allow yourself some rest, but set goals to help you stick to your training. Here are some ideas for maintaining and improving your fitness during this time:

  1. If you love a good competition download apps like Strava where you can track your performance and compare to global community. Set goals with your friends, like how many free throws you can make in 5 minutes. Run a virtual race.
  2. Many industries are putting free workouts online to follow. Check CPR’s Facebook page for exercise ideas, follow @theprehabguys on Instagram for exercise ideas, check out MVP’s Facebook page or check out their at home workouts at https://mvpsportsclubs.com/at-home-with-mvp.
  3. Do a home inventory of any equipment you have and designate a workout space. Save your milk gallons and fill with water, now you have an 8 lb weight. Find books or tools and put in a backpack and you can hold that weight while you squat. Couch cushions can be balance pads. Body weight can be very effective.
  4. If an injury gets in your way call in to The Center and we can set up a virtual visit or if needed see you in person (616)954-0950.

-Rebekah VanZegeren, Coordinator of Sports PT Services

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