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Limb Loss Program

My name is Nick McBride I have been treating as a physical therapist for nine years here in the Grand Rapids area. I’ve spent most of my career treating in outpatient orthopedics, with an emphasis on sports medicine. In 2020 I had the opportunity to spend time with clinicians at Hanger Clinic here in Byron Center, where I was first introduced to  limb loss and prosthetic care.

My passion for orthotic and prosthetic care has grown tremendously over the last three to four years. I’ve been able to meet incredible people who have had severe trauma and overcome adversity. I am humbled by their stories and blessed to have been a part of their road to recovery. There is a strong need for physical rehabilitation services for those suffering from limb loss here in the greater Grand Rapids area. Specifically, transitioning from the hospital to outpatient care and eventually getting back to daily activities independently.

Here at The Center for Physical Rehabilitation we treat limb loss patients at all stages of their recovery, from a few weeks after surgery throughout their lifespan. Physical rehabilitation is a lifelong process, as many people transition to new sockets over time to accommodate for residual limb changes. We develop a plan of care individualized to the patient’s specific needs and goals, while working closely with their prosthetists, physicians and other health specialists. 

If you or a loved one are looking for a limb loss resource and support, The Center is here for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with me!

-Nick McBride PT,DPT Limb Loss Program Director

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