Ninja Obstacle Game: Pediatric Motor Skills

Boy climbing through tunnel

Spring is here, and with that we know rainy days are inevitable. Pediatric therapist Patrick Lawrence shares a homemade, indoor, ninja-style obstacle course, and all you need is a hallway, and a little imagination!

These obstacles use some common household items, and obstacles can be sequenced together to make a full-length course that little ninjas can challenge themselves to do quickly AND quietly to work on their motor development.

He recommends starting with a ninja-style warm-up that includes:

2 laps of cross-over steps (grapevine/karaoke); 20 reps of high knees, cross-over high knees, forward and side-to-side hops; and 10 reps of X-hops for a greater challenge.

Check out the examples in the video of obstacles Patrick sets up in his own home, and get creative with what you have!

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