Living a Healthy Life.

Some great NEW evidence gives us insight into what healthy lifestyle behaviors relate to living a longer life without chronic diseases. In the wake of the corona virus pandemic, it is becoming more clear the importance of reducing underlying risk factors.

This prospective study began collecting data on 116,043 individuals in 1991 to examine what lifestyle factors can aid in the prevention of 6 common chronic diseases: Type II Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, Asthma, and COPD. When running the analyses, they even expanded these diseases to include dementia and congestive heart failure.

Lifestyle factors were weighed on a 3 point scale including optimal (2), intermediate (1), and poor (0). The four health behaviors included BMI, smoking, leisure-time physical activity, and alcohol consumption.

Results showed a dose-response relationship of a higher number of healthy lifestyle factors with the number of disease-free years in both men and women. The best healthy lifestyle profiles included having a BMI <25 along with 2 other health behaviors. Having a 1 point increase in overall score was associated with approximately 1 extra year of being disease free.

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